reż. Bady Minck/Luxembourg, Austria/2017/44 min.

The film is shown in the block [3rd] Series of films by Bady Minck. More information on the in the calendar.

Through the eyes of cosmic cartographers, “MappaMundi” takes its viewer on a greatly accelerated voyage through 950 million years of development on Earth, 150.000 years of human migration and 15.000 years of human cartography. The film visualises the continuous changes taking place in our world, change that is imperceptible in a single human lifetime.

“MappaMundi” is a film about the image of the world that we have repeatedly re-drawn for thousands of years. With over hundred world maps from the past 15.000 years, the development of our view of the world from its beginnings to the present day is analysed and illustrated in all its diversity. “MappaMundi” shows the world we inhabit as the result of a process of continuous, radical change, a process of incessant transformation – that is both unstoppable and fascinating.

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  • projection time:
    44 min.
  • country/year:
    Luxembourg, Austria/2017
  • director:
    Bady Minck
  • pictures:
    Martin Putz
  • production:
    AMOUR FOU Luxembourg, AMOUR FOU Vienna, Oikodrom
  • selected festivals and awards:
    FF Sundance 2017

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