Unlocking the Truth, Blade & Beard, Aidan Moffat, Pogodno on our music stage

Our music stage, closely related to presented films, will feature – among others – Unlocking the Truth, which brings a new life to metal music and speed punk, Blade & Beard (aka Anoosh and Arash) – two DJs who organized illegal raves in Teheran, Aidan Moffat – Scottish vocalist and musician (best known from the project Arab Strap) and Pogodno, a living legend of Polish alternative music.


Saturday 20 May

Cafe Kulturalna

In 2013, YouTube saw a video of a heavy-metal band performing in Times Square in New York. The African-American trio of Brooklyn teenagers played in the street, challenging all heavy metal music stereotypes. The half-hour video of Unlocking the Truth giving a spontaneous performance had 2.5 million views on YouTube. One year later Malcolm, Jarad and Alec inked a record deal with Sony Music.

Breaking monster 9

The trio have since appeared in “The Tonight Show” and have supported such famous bands as Metallica, Motorhead, Queens of Stone Age, Guns N’Roses, and Marylin Manson. Unlocking the Truth is also the youngest group to perform at Coachella. The band brings new life to metal music and speed punk. Their energetic guitars and rhythmical drums help to get the best out of the genres, at the same time deconstructing them and transforming into an unusual performance. The 14th Millennium Docs Against Gravity will see the Polish premiere of the film “Breaking a Monster” by Luke Meyer, portraying the members of Unlocking the Truth.



Friday 19 May

Cafe Kulturalna

Over the period of 15 years since their formation, Pogodno has become one of the greatest bands of the Polish alternative scene and inspired many Polish artists. The members have played in several other bands (Hey, Babu Król, Braty z Rakemna, BIFF) along with the most important artists of our country (Kasia Nosowska, Brodka, Łąki Łan, Kora). Pogodno has composed music for the TV series “Królowie Śródmieścia” and co-created a radio play “Tequila”, based on Krzysztof Varga’s novel. The band is famous for such songs as “Pani w obuwniczym”, “Orkiestra”, “Spierdalacz”, and “Uśmiech się”, although they have always cared more for recording good albums rather than making hit singles. Their lyrics deconstruct Polish language and reconstruct it into surrealistic songs that often make the roles of music and vocals swap.

In 2017 Pogodno’s current members Jacek “Budyń” Szymkiewicz, Michał Pfeiff, Marcin Macuk, and Jarosław Kozłowski plan a comeback and are to record their new album “Sokiści chcą miłości”.

The 14th Millennium Docs Against Gravity will see the world’s premiere of a film “Happy Olo” directed by Paweł Bogocz, the man behind Pogodno’s many videos. The film has been co-produced by Marcin Macuk, the band’s member, with Pogodno’s music as an integral part of the film. The premiere will be followed by Pogodno’s performance for the festival’s audience.



Saturday 13 May

Cafe Kulturalna

Blade & Beard (aka Anoosh and Arash) are two DJs whose music defines what underground is. They used to throw illegal parties in their home country, Iran, held in top-secret places. Anoosh and Arash were well aware of the fact that any act against the authorities could equal death. Nevertheless, they continued to organize illegal raves in Teheran for years. For both of them as well as for their audience, techno was not only an opportunity to dance away from it all, but also a manifestation against the authorities and an attempt to create a community that slips away from the state-imposed constraints. After a call from the world’s biggest techno festivals in Switzerland, they made a tough decision to leave Iran and never come back. Their story is now the subject of “Raving Iran” (directed by Susanne Regina Meures), a documentary to be presented at the 14th Millennium Docs Against Gravity. The festival will also feature their DJ set.

Blade & Beard (czyli Anoosh i Arash)
Blade & Beard (czyli Anoosh i Arash)



Sunday 14 May

Iluzjon Cinema

Aidan Moffat is a living legend of the Scottish alternative scene. He is best known from the project Arab Strap that bears the hallmark of the surrealistic sound of the 90s, combining poetic but disarmingly honest lyrics about urban life with electroacoustic music. One of Aidan Moffat’s most recent projects is a journey back to the roots of traditional Scottish music. His aim is on the one hand, to discover slowly vanishing songs and cultures, and on the other – to give it a contemporary feel characteristic for the musician’s former projects. Moffat takes up socio-political issues: the mythological warrior from the ballad “Jock McGraw” (“Where You’re Meant To Be” album) is also a soldier returning from Iraq. The song’s lyrics were inspired by suicide rates among returnees which actually exceed the death toll among soldiers during their military service. Aidan Moffat’s journey through the breathtaking Scotland, his encounters with musicians, the search for inspiration and his combining the traditional with the contemporary have all become a subject of Paul Fegan’s film “Where You’re Meant To Be” that will premiere at the 14th Millennium Docs Against Gravity. After the premiere at the Iluzjon cinema, we will have the pleasure to have Aidan Moffat, accompanied by other musicians, perform songs from the film in the screening hall.

Aidan Moffat
Aidan Moffat