14th EDITION: 12-21 May 2017

Screening of “Last Men in Aleppo” in the Polish parliament

“There is no way to avoid this comparison: these are pictures from the Warsaw Uprising,” writes Tadeusz Sobolewski about “Last Men in Aleppo.” The film screening will take place in the Polish parliament on Thursday 14th of September at 8 p.m.

After 5 years of war in Syria the remaining 350.000 citizens of Aleppo are preparing for a siege.

Through the volunteers from The White Helmets organization we experience daily life, death and struggle in the streets of Aleppo. They fight for sanity where war has become the norm.

“Last Men in Aleppo” (dir. Feras Fayyad) is the winner of the Millennium Docs Against Gravity Grand Prix in the Main Competition (the Bank Millennium Award). The jury’s justification was as follows: “The film allows you to show a deeper and more complex image of reality than hundreds of media news reports would.

The film, which has moved us the most, shows not only a great drama in a seemingly remote part of the world but, above all, people who choose heroic conduct over an escape from an overwhelming threat.

Their struggle to maintain their humanity makes us ask ourselves questions about the limits of sacrificing ourselves for others and engagement in conflicts which seem not to concern us”.

“Last Men in Aleppo” is also the winner of the Warsaw Documentary Award – granted by the audience of the 14th Millennium Docs Against Gravity Film Festival. The film has also received the Mayor of Gdynia Award and the Bydgoszcz ART/DOC Award at the 14th Millennium Docs Against Gravity Film Festival.

Feras Fayyad’s film has premiered in Polish movie theaters on the 30th of June. 1 PLN from each ticket is dedicated to the activities of the Polish Humanitarian Organization in Syria.

The Lower Silesia Grand Prix goes to “The Good Postman”! The awards of the 14th Millennium Docs Against Gravity have been granted!

The jury composed of: Konrad Imiela, Robert Gonera, Agnieszka Wolny-Hamkało granted the Lower Silesia Marshal’s Grand Prix of the  of Euro 3,000 to the film “The Good Postman” by Tonislaw Hristow and a special mention to the film “Last Men in Aleppo” by Feras Fayyad.

The jury awarded “The Good Postman” for “a skilful focusing on the biggest problems of today’s world in one image: aversion to refugees, the mechanisms of populism, rural societies dying out, the arrogance of the authority, ageing society, poverty and the problems of borderland societies.

For a subtle, but powerful voice on refugees.

For a deeply humanistic perspective in which man still counts and bad life conditions do not deprive him or her of the power to act. For reminding us that a man can always take decisions which affect reality, even if he or she loses.

For the tender irony in portraying the characters, in whom we can see our politicians, neighbours or friends.

The jury has appreciated the critical dimension of the film as well as is perfect production within its genre. It combines journalism with literary parable and anecdotal character with realism.

For the facet that the filmmakers let us get to know the good postman – a character, who looks after what he believes in, is wise and sensitive to other people’s problems.

For its warmth, humour and intelligence.”

The jury also granted an honourable mention to the film “Last Men in Aleppo”. “For a powerful, radical, painfully true voice which should be heard by all. For a shocking documentary which shows people’s cruelty and courage, stupidity and nobleness. For showing things we usually turn our eyes away from.

We would like to dedicate this honourable mention to Khaled’s daughters, hoping that the world in which they grow up will become better one day” – says the jury’s justification of the verdict.

“Co Jest Grane 24” readers award

The “Co Jest Grane 24” readers who were voting in Warsaw, Wrocław, Gdynia and Bydgoszcz decided to grant the award and Euro 2,000 to the film “Happy Olo – The Merry Tale of Olo Doba” (dir. Krzysztof Paweł Bogocz, Marcin Macuk)

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